The Alphabet community continues to push this false idea of being "loving people" who just want to coexist and be treated equal. When only one community is able to fine and jail people simply for "mis-gendering" them that is far from equal. When you don't get to raise your kids in the way a responsible parent should because according to Lgbt laws they are allowed to make adult decisions without your consent - that is far from equal. We've traveled a long long way from the point of equality and this community of people have long sense passed that threshold of achievements. Yet every year they continue to fight for "equality" it seems like the real fight is to make everything.. you know, gay. Until every living create is gay or a "gay ally" including your kids, movies, tv shows, and everything else they will not stop.

As they continue their rainbow world domination agenda their first stop seems to be Christianity. Regardless of the fact that majority of religion all share the same opposition to same sex anything; for some reason they always attack Christianity. They never do this to Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists. It is always Jesus who they choose to make the spectacle and center of their disrespect. Each year in every parade the Mockery of Jesus continues simply because we refuse to bow down to the statue they've spent years erecting.

No matter how true we stay to our faith and kindly differentiate the difference between loving people but not accepting or celebrating their sins ; we are still labeled homophobic and transphobic. Either you celebrate them or they bully you, cancel you, threaten you, or try to ruin you for not giving into their lifestyle. Just simply living their life unbothered is not enough anymore. Despite the ironic call for equality they have a hard time accepting that not everyone agrees with their lifestyle. Despite their calls for love they sure have a hard time showing it to anyone who they deem an enemy hence "Lgbt Allies". I have news for you: YOU'RE CHRISTIANPHOBIC and so insecure that you need everyone else approval stamp in order to live your life happily.

This "Love" Train is nothing but a lie. A parade of sexual and perverted individuals, who prance around nude around children, swinging dildos in the air, dressed in ridiculous over top cry for attention outfits, and publicly displaying their deepest fetishes. As you walk around the Pride parade you find condoms and lubricants laying on the floor as people fulfill their deepest fantasies in public. It's the parade of lust masquerading as Love.