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How to Know if you’re dealing with a Jezebel Demonic Spirit

The Spirit of Jezebel

So many women are plagued by this spirit and need deliverance. Especially in this generation of women who aren’t typically raised to be wives but instead they’re raised to be like men or simply not need a man.


Little girls get told the value of a man is of no importance and when growing up in a single household usually they only hear about men spoking of in a negative light. Being raised by bitter older women who are upset at their love life and haven’t forgave the father so they pass that bitterness on to their daughters. Constantly hearing that men are no good doesn’t train a women up for success in a marriage or family. There was a time that women taught young girls how to sew, how to cook, how to care for a home, how to care for their future kids, how to care for their husbands, how to clean, how to make a recipe book, how to be a lady, how to be feminine, how to be submissive, how to be a nurturer, and how valuable their roll is in society.

Yeah, there was a time like that where young ladies would be trained in their home and have generations of knowledge collected by all the women before her passed down to her. They did this in order to prepare her for a family of her own. In this generation we’re just preparing women to compete against men, how manly can you become, how there’s no difference between a man and women, men can be women, women can be men, and how to become an independent women. The Spirit of Independent women-hood (Jezebel) has been destroying families before one could even be birthed in their lives. A women has the unique power to break or make a home the Bible says this to women specifically. When the man returns back to his place it is the women that makes that place feel like he’s returning to a home. If the women makes a house feel like a home then it is also a women who can make a home feel like Hell.

There’s government incentives to be a single mother; more assistance, more welfare, more government programs, more help, and easier access to pretty much anything if the man is out the picture. A system that rewards single motherhood is a system where fathers fail. Instead of kids being raised by a Mother and a Father they’re raised by a Bitter Mother and the Government. Nothing can Compare to a home where the father is present. The Government + Society + Media have done a great job in destroying the family unit and one of the main Spirits operating in this dysfunction is Jezebel.

In America only 17% of families are married with kids. According to the 2020 census 21% of American kids live only with their mothers and 4.5% live only with their dads, while 4% live with neither one. That is a total of 29.5% of kids living without the God ordained family structure which evidence shows harms a child. Tests, studies, psychology and science all have shown that kids who grow up without two parents are more likely to exhibit violent, criminal, or poor behaviors in society.

Because of all these variables the Jezebel spirit has become rampant in women of this generation. There are women who are Ruth’s and it’s your job to come forward and lead other women out of bondage. Do it with your kids first and then the women you know in your lives. Be an example to them and teach them if someone hasn’t already. Ruth would be the complete opposite of what Jezebel produces and other than deliverance the best thing you can do it be a Ruth in another women's life. 

Here are some traits of the Jezebel Spirit:

• She is very manipulative
• Hates men of God especially if they’re faithfully doing the work of God
• She joins weak churches and destroys them
• She hates prophets
• She targets single men to destroy their anointing
• She Operates in witchcraft; this includes jealousy, pride, envy, intimidation, manipulation, hatred
• She twists scripture
• She is Religious
• She Hates women and men in authority especially in authority over her
• She Seeks attention; looks to always gain a place of power or authority and would do anything to take someone’s place
• She Hates the Truth
• She will not submit to a man; if she does it’ll only be in order to gain ground or pretense, Conditional submission. “As long as you do this and this, I’ll submit to you”. Some wives allow this spirit to seduce them and they become submissive to their husbands only when it’s beneficial to them. This is rebellion in the Marriage bed. Submission is powerful and invites God’s blessings but the enemy lies to some wives enticing them to operate in a Jezebelic manner.
• She may look innocent and be widely known as being very helpful and friendly, but he/she is deceitfully cunning and subtle; like a snake.
• She has this deep feeling of wanting to be praised, worshipped, told nice things and complimented all the time. The Jezebel spirit likes to be adored like a God.
• She never forgets when she is wronged because people with the Jezebel spirit struggle to forgive others. Even capable of killing or destroying your life. They’ll even wait years to get revenge or find out something happended to you. They often believe everyone needs to pay for what they’ve done or said to hurt her.

• She is secretly compulsive and secretly stalks those she/he envies; being obsessive in finding every single piece of detail about those he/she hates. The person with this spirit will try and find out even the smallest of details about their opponent. Jezebels are demonically intelligent and will keep information for years before using it against their victim.
• She has no identity of her/his own, no real gifts or talents; they feed off from others by stealing ideas and counterfeiting other people’s gifts in order to establish themselves or become popular. If a gifted or talented person has a Jezebel as a friend that person will suffer greatly because Jezebel will act like a friend yet he/she is an enemy seeking to sabotage them and their gifts .
• She has an authoritative and threatening demeanor when she gets into a place of power; work, church, school, etc. and people are usually afraid to deal with them.
• She thinks she can have any man/women and likes to ruin relationships because they feel powerful knowing that another persons man/women wants them.
• She is the opposite of everything the Bible says is Love. A Jezebel is impatient, a show off, proud, rude, selfish, provoking, thinks of evil, rejoices in sin, unbearable, unbelieving and unendurable.
• She maneuvers easily in relationships that have no unity.
• She operates on the music industry in many female and male artists, a lot of the music especially women in rap are demonically anointed with Jezebel.
• She wants your inheritance, she wants to take everything God has for you and choke out your faith.
• She trusts in her looks to gain favor, she relies on her appearance heavily for all things even going to the corner store she dresses up, it’s all for gain
• She will bring up in conversations your flaws and weaknesses to mock you or they will bring up your victories as a way to butter you up. This is done to frustrate you. This is why when you have friends with a Jezebel spirit you will often be emotionally or psychologically frustrated, confused and tired from the relationship.
• She doesn’t like to lose, if a women with a Jezebel spirit can’t manage to seduce a man she will then play the victim like socio-paths do by making false witness against him that he raped her or tried to rape her
• She will make you think they are more spiritual than most people. They think they’re better than other church members in the body. However, when you begin to discern and test them, you will find that he/she has very little revelation of God’s Word and God’s Love. Jezebel will tell you of the many experiences, dreams and visions so you have to discern
• She is never humble. Whenever this spirit receives praise, it always responds in false humility.
• She is defensive and combative whenever confronted about anything
• She lies even when she doesn’t have to
• She criticizes everyone; it’s a characteristic of a controlling person and Jezebel likes to control
• Tries to spiritualize everything; nothing is ever their fault you’re the problem not them
• She pressures you into doing things pretty much ripping away your right to choose and make a decision for yourself
• She tried to make you look like you’re the Jezebel in order to conceal herself


Deliverance from Jezebel:

Jezebel likes to Hide! This is the biggest characteristic to this spirit because when it’s time to be casted out and deliver someone from Jezebel she goes into hiding. It completely looks like the person was delivered and she’s free, in fact the person is acting fresh and new for a short time. We all want to believe they’re “normal” and set free but in reality Jezebel is hiding. Then suddenly without warning a situation will arise, once again with the spirit taking control and wreaking havoc over lives. Hopefully, true repentance will come. Only then will the person be delivered. There’s still a strong hold/legal ground that’s allowing that spirit to stay there.

To be clear men can also have this spirit it’s just more common in women because of majority of Jezebels nature. If you know someone like this or if this reading this made you hate my guts, you’re the Jezebel in the group. Deliverance can free you from that spirit - it’s destroying churches, marriages, husbands, Men of God, and many women.

Freedom from this Spirit is Going to take deliverance. If you need help please go to This Deliverance Map and seek a Church or Someone who does Deliverance. We can also be found on the Deliverance Map. This Map is provided by Isaiah Saldivar: MAP HERE